About 3T, LLC


Our Roots

Pineapple ExpressThe idea for 3T, LLC didn’t stem from an epiphany or an idealization session. In January 2014, college senior Troy Prill knew that he was going to be a part-time student for his last semester in the fall later that year. Seeing all of that free time on his hands, Troy got to work finding a relatively untapped niche in his college town of Mount Pleasant, MI.

By August of 2014, Troy had his own mobile restaurant serving the late-night crowds on the streets of Downtown Mount Pleasant. Nicknamed “The Pineapple Express”, Troy’s restaurant served “Walking Tacos” and other Mexican foods. Before the students arrived for school, The Pineapple Express was serving three nights per week and catered to several county fairs.

Once the student body came back to Mount Pleasant, Troy could not keep up with the demand for his food despite having direct competition with two other late-night restaurants and would regularly sell out of food. By the time graduation came, The Pineapple Express had revenues of over $47,000.

Before graduation in December 2014, Troy took a job in Denver that would render him unable to continue keeping a firm grasp on a mobile restaurant 1,200 miles away. Rather than dissolve the business and try to sell the (nearly illiquid) assets, Troy worked to set up a business for his main hired-hand, Ryan Swindlehurst. It was agreed that Ryan would lease the assets from Troy. Troy also agreed to give any help and council that he could to help keep The Pineapple Express thriving.

Seeing a unique and scalable business opportunity, Troy decided to form 3T, LLC (Troy’s Tasty Tacos) into a larger company that would help students like Ryan start their own mobile food businesses with a limited amount of risk.

Our Team

Troy Prill



Troy is the founder of 3T LLC.  He started his own food cart during college, which turned out to be quite successful.  With what began as a means to pay his way through school and be his own boss, Troy and his team at 3T have created a vision of helping many other students achieve a success story much like his.
Troy received his bachelors degree from Central Michigan University in Business Administration and Finance. A native to Lowell, Michigan he has moved to Denver, Colorado to act as the Operations Manager at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. 


Ryan Swindlehurst


Ryan began his journey with 3T LLC as the first permanent hired-hand for Troy's college taco cart.  After Troy graduated, Ryan took over ownership and operations of the cart known as The Pineapple Express.  While Ryan operates The Pineapple Express, he is also a part-owner and executive for 3T LLC and the Foodcart Kickstart program. 
Ryan is currently studying Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts at Central Michigan University and he plans on graduating in the next one to two years. 



julie claveau


Julie is the organizational heart and soul of 3T LLC. Having worked in the food cart industry herself, Julie uses her knowledge to help our clients succeed and to keep the back end of 3T flowing smoothly. As one of 3T's founding members, Julie serves as an executive for the company. 


Julie is also a graduate of Central Michigan University, where she studied Childhood Development, English, and Elementary Education.  Julie served as the drum major for the Chippewa Marching band for several years. She currently resides in Denver, Colorado and enjoys developing 3T and exploring the mountains.


Kickstart Package

  • Food Cart & Cooking Equipment
  • Umbrella / Storage
  • Trailer Tongue
  • Lock Box
  • Coolers
  • Spare Parts
  • Consultation

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