Student Food Cart Leasing Program

With college tuitions skyrocketing over the past few decades, graduates are being left "in the hole" before they even start their professional lives. 3T, LLC is dedicated to helping students graduate debt free by giving them everything they need to form their own business. We provide our clients with the information and equipment required to build a successful mobile food business.

We provide and lease to students all the resources they need to form a successful mobile food company.

Kickstart Packages

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About the packages

Basics1Basics Package - Just What You Need

The Basics Package gives you the raw essentials to begin a successful food cart business. It comes with a state-of-the-art food cart designed to fit the specifications of your health department and city. The cookware that comes with your food cart is 100% customized to fit the products that you want to serve. This will save you both money and that all-too-valuable ... space. And of course it comes with a fitting wind-resistant umbrella, power source to fit your needs, and your specific carts spare parts (just in case).

This package is geared toward experienced food cart operators and entrepreneurs - as its sole function is to save you money. It does, however, still grant you access to our Food Cart Network, where you will be able to share concepts and ideas with other food cart business owners.

Intermediate4Intermediate Package - Success Insurance

The Intermediate Package is by far our best value and most popular among clients.  The Intermediate comes with the full and customized Basics Package, along with the Damaged Part Policy, professional consultation, finance tracking, advanced marketing tools, and an LG G-Pad X8.3 Tablet with a 1 Gb / month data plan.

Our Damaged Part Policy insures any and all parts that you lease against the wear and tear endured by general operations. Did your umbrella tear? Lights went out? Burner got a hole in it? No problem. We will expedite a new one to you as soon as possible, on us, no headaches.  

As an Intermediate Package holder, you will also be able to schedule professional consultation with a team of very experienced food cart owners and operators. During your time as a business owner, you will encounter some unique and tough decisions. It is always a good idea to talk these situations over with experienced minds so that you have a well-rounded understanding, and can make the best decisions for your company. 

Templated financial and marketing tools are also available to holders of this package.  These are easy-to-use and catered to the food cart industry - making the tracking of your finances and marketing stress-free!

This sure is quite a bit to keep track of. But don't worry, Food Cart Kickstart has your back again! With the Intermediate and Advanced Packages, you will receive an LG G-Pad X8.3 Tablet with a 1 Gb / month data plan. No extra charges. No extra fees. It just comes with the package.

The Intermediate Package is geared toward our clients who love the savings and freedom that leasing food cart resources provides, and love the ease-of-mind that our consultation and money-saving policies give them.

Advanced New8Advanced Package - Success Assurance

Our Advanced Package give new clients the full and customized Basics and Intermediate Packages, plus three unique benefits that are hard to turn down.

The first thing anyone should do when wanting to start up a company is Start-Up Research and Analysis (R&A). For those who have never done this before, or have little to no experience in the small business field, this task can be daunting. Fortunately, we at Food Cart Kickstart have you covered. With the Advanced Package, our professionals will do intense R&A on your area to determine what to sell, where to sell, when to sell, who to sell to, and most importantly, IF to sell at all.  You don't want to spend a dime on licensing yourself for a business that doesn't have much potential in your area. With the Advanced Package, you won't.  If our professionals determine that yours is a rare area that can't sustain a food cart, you don't owe us a dime. 

In-Person Visits are one of the most helpful things that both new and verteran food carters rave about. "It's like consultation on steroids", "One of the best and most fun experiences of my career so far". We send professionals to your food cart to evaluate, consult, and help you in any way they can. They will work with you, laugh with you, and make sure that your business is running as smoothly and efficiantly as possible.

And just like with the Intermediate Package, Food Cart Kickstart has your back. With the Intermediate and Advanced Packages, you will receive an LG G-Pad X8.3 Tablet with a 1 Gb / month data plan. No extra charges. No extra fees. It just comes with the package.

The Advanced Packaged also comes with a 24-Hour Food Cart Hotline. Maybe you need the answer to a pivitol question in 20 minutes, maybe you got a flat tire at 10:30 pm, or maybe you had a record-breaking night and need to tell someone at 3:30 in the morning. No matter what, with access to the 24-Hour Food Cart Hotline, you can call and ask us anything that you may need. Our program is here to provide you with all that we can to ensure your success!

Apply New15Professional Package - You Have Found Your Calling

To those food cart operators who have found a passion and have made a pivitol decision to make the food cart their full-time career or long-term hobby.  The Professional is a 2+ year package and sits comfortably between the Basics and Intermediate Packages for less than half the price. It is availible to clients who have one or more years experience under their belts. 

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Damaged part Policy

Food Cart Kickstart is responsible for:

  • Replacing any part that is leased to you
  • At no additional cost to you!
  • Parts must be broken from general wear and tear
  • Expedited Shipping! (Free, of course)